The Team


The best, is an absolute phrase. You can’t be more or less best, just like you can’t be more or less original; you either are or you aren’t.

Assigning a title to the racing instructors and event coordinators at 10-Tenths Trackside would hold little meaning, as it’s hard to be objective about your home team. But when one of the top corporations in the world picks you to create the consummate racing experience, and a historical powerhouse of automotive ingenuity supplies all the reinforcements you might need, it’s hard not to inch closer to the idea that you’re doing something very near remarkable.

What separates 10-Tenths Trackside from the competition? It’s simple; we have the most coveted professional race car drivers on planet earth. Getting to drive on the most prestigious tracks in North America is incomparable. But to heighten the experience, 10-Tenths Trackside incorporates Johnny O’ Connell and his elite team of professional drivers as your private instructors, and yes, that becomes beyond belief when you hit the Apex. “LET’S BURN SOME FUEL.”

Why 10-Tenths Trackside?

10-Tenths Trackside are individual Bespoke Limited Edition programs allowing you to drive your car on the most sought after race tracks across North America.


10-Tenths professional instructors and alumni list feature some of the fastest and most skilled GT and Indycar drivers in the world.


10-Tenths events are personalized Bespoke programs allowing you to drive your car on the most sought after race tracks across North America.


10-Tenths Trackside Corporate and Individual events are on display at the most acclaimed racing circuits and vacation/destination in North America.


An extraordinary experience is what we strive to bring our clientele. No detail is too small. Relax; we can facilitate everything you need.


Supercars can be best defined with their most common characteristics: performance, technology, design, price and domination.


With a wide array of mouth-water delicatessen. Choosing the ideal catering service will ensure the success of your event.


Join Us Trackside

Join our Team Trackside for a Thrill of a Lifetime.